Scoopable Cat Litter: Silica Gel

Silica gel litter is fairly new to the litter box world. It is made from silica dioxide sand, and nothing else, besides oxygen and water. Millions of tiny pores are in the gel, and they each can absorb forty times their moisture weight.

Silica get litter can generally be used longer than other litters, therefore it will cost a bit more. It will absorb odors, which allows it to last longer. This type of litter is also flushable, which I would not recommend for most clay litters.

One bit of advise would be to not use any scented litter. Scented litter can be extremely irritating to cats, as their sense of smell is much stronger than ours.

I would highly recommend this type of litter, but as with other types, do not let your cats eat the litter.